Assortment of 24 chocolates excellence "Guy VERDIER" 240 gr box
  • Assortment of 24 chocolates excellence "Guy VERDIER" 240 gr box
  • Assortment of 24 chocolates excellence "Guy VERDIER" 240 gr box

Assortment of 24 chocolates excellence "Guy VERDIER" 240 gr box



The box consists of 24 assorted chocolates extra fine pure cocoa butter, homemade coloring and preservative.
All chocolates are made by master craftsmen chocolatiers Guy VERDIER in the workshops of Serres-Castet.


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A : Mixing the assorted moment


Guy Verdier : Nature ganache, dark chocolate

Rosalie: ganache gourmet raspberry brandy "grand prize dessert" black coating.
Chestnut Pyrenees: Creamy ganache chestnut puree with rum, dark chocolate coating
Cobblestones Royal Alliance a rum ganache grapes, black coating
Praline old: Almond Hazel 50% uproariously lace pancakes, black or chocolate milk coating
Coffee: Coffee Ganache paste, black coating or milk
Nougatine: Fine ganache dressed kind of cutting a pellet nougatine crisp, dark or milk coating.
Apple Cinnamon: Cinnamon Infusion in a ganache with green apple puree, black coating
Weapons of Pau: the must ganache with vanilla, black coating, great price specialties from France obtained in collaboration with the Club des Chocolatiers Pau.
Le Petit Montagnard : Fine marzipan 50%, evoking our farmers cheese, white chocolate coated.
Coconut: Ganache mashed coconut sweetness of white chocolate and grated coconut, black coating.
Grand Marnier: Soft Grand Marnier ganache, milk coating.
Tea: brew tea ganache, dark chocolate.
Rocks candies: Small balls with praline and chocolate toasted almonds, dark or milk coating.
Salted butter caramel: Ganache caramel and salted butter at Salies de Béarn salt, black or milk coating.
Amandine: Almond paste 50% dark or milk coating.
Nuts: Almond paste 50% nut flavor, dark or milk coating
Pistachio: Almond paste 50% pistachio flavor, black coating
Puck Whisky: Tender whiskey ganache, black coating.
Rose: Ganache floral, black coating.
Ginger: Ginger Ganache, black coating.
Violet: Floral violet ganache, black coating.
Barrel: Ganache semi liquid Jurançon and soaked raisins, dark chocolate coating.

Golden Puck: coffee ganache, dark chocolate


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