Several methods of payment:
Bank card with Crédit Agricole and 3DSecure option and SecureCode (100% secure)
Check (your order will leave when the check will be cashed)
CADHOC check (your merchandise leaves our warehouse in receiving checks)
Bank Transfer (order shipped as soon as your payment appears on our account)

Secure payment

Payment for products and services can be done in different ways, subject to all necessary checks.

Secure payment with SSL

  • By creditcard : Secure transaction with 3D Secure / SecureCode system Crédit Agricole.
  • PayPal : secure transaction.
  • Check issued by a French bank : In order SOURIRE DES SAVEURS SARL
    • Print the order form that is offered on the screen
    • Fill your check in euros (€) and enter your order number on the back of it
    • Send these documents to : SOURIRE DES SAVEURS - 1 impasse d'Hélios - 31240 L'UNION - FRANCE
    • In case of payment by check, the order will be processed upon receipt of check. Accordingly, the time limits in this case are those at the date of receipt of the check.
  • By bank transfer : transaction on our account Credit Agricole.